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NovaMind is a commercial mind mapping application for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It was first released in 2002. It features flexible layout, native interface for both Mac (using Cocoa) and Windows (using Fluent), and a strong emphasis on the visual aspects of Mind Mapping. It includes a large library of high quality images (and iPhoto integration on Mac) as well as the ability to drag on images from other programs, as well as setting reflections, borders, boundaries, corner styles, a glassy button look, etc. to make the Mind Maps visually appealing.

Its uses include mapping arguments, or brainstorming, and concept mapping in an academic setting

The company is located in New Zealand.

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Project Description

The full works including logo design, online/offline branding, web design and creation and digital marketing services.

Project Details

Date: 18.08.2012
Client: NovaMind, Inc.